Someone ties a bow
in my backyard to show me love
My voice is climbing walls
smoking and i want love

My jaw's been broken
My heart is wrapped in ice
My fangs have been pulled
and i really want to see you tonight

Love is

like finding a small white stone in the sand. You take time to brush away the sand and grit around the stone until, after years and months and weeks you realize you've been standing on the tip of a mountain of love.
You meet a person and it takes months and years of experiences with them and seeing how they react in different situations until you can grasp the entirety of their personality, with al it's quirks and intricate corners.

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I think you and your band are like jolly ranchers- you're sweet and I like you but I continue to avoid for fear that I will get all choked up.

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today the sunset was amazing, i re-fell in love with 'building nothing out of something', and around exit 8 the turnpike smelled like strawberry jam.

wonderful =)

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we used to roll the windows down
and play the music loud
smoking out in his car
and we’d get drunk and kiss
our bodies twist like shoe laces.
And we never came untied;
I guess you were just my type.
You know that summer never stopped.
I still pretend I’m there.
Bands in the living room,
neighbors ain’t never cared.
With kick and snares so careless not in time.
So you got ahead of me.
And I guess I’m still dragging behind.

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College isn't real life. It's a bubble, made up of comfort zones and plastic cups. I live in this bubble, but I would prefer not to.

Are people deciding what they want to do with their lives, and I am missing the train? (I'm actually looking out the window and I just saw an Amtrack train go by after writing that-seriously.) My biggest fear is graduating and not knowing what to do. I've always wanted big things, but now that the time has come to act on them... well it's more pressure.

I liked this year but I can't wait to be done living in the dorms. Moving into my own house in June- reading it and realizing that it pertains to ME is so strange. But whenever I do go home to Mount Holly it doesn't feel like home anymore. But neither does Mettler, so I'm caught in this sort of purtagorial tranist. I have this sinking feeling that for the rest of my life no location will have that kind of ethereal home feeling that Glenwood did for 18 years. Like, a complete and utter home more so than anything else could ever be. As we grow up and move around, we leave bits of memories in each location, which dillutes the definition of home, until you can never reach that state of total comfort and trust again.

How is everyone else?

this is me, postin an entry

I'm in the library, and it looks like it is about to rain. This is pretty upsetting, seeing as how I only have a hoodie, laptop, and book. No coverage. On the sched. for today- when Kate gets out of class we are going to SCILS 214 to have a chat with some academic advisors, now that I am officially a Journalism/Media Studies major and have no clue/too lazy to look up what classes to take next. I really should get an assignment for the Targum, but I don't want to do just boring news. I want to do entertainment or opinion or music section. Or human interest. Not blah blah crap. On monday I am scheduled to take my radio board test, will probably fail, and will probably never get around to having my own show.
I am so undedicated!

Back to the sched. Cassie and I are going to Kim's Shakespere class and "walking-out" at 1:23 for the walk-out. I hope it's not raining, and I hope its rowdy and mobbish and wild!! Word on the street is that last year they tried to tip over a bus, but I don't exactly want that to happen, the bus is a total innocent bystander in this whole mess.
I can't believe my laptop is about to die and instead of typing notes I am doing this. Out-of-control-roll!!

I have no further topics to discuss.
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